Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Avoid Tenant Issues by Following These Best Practice

Room for rent sign
Room For Rent sign
Photo by Alex Block on Unsplash

Based in Evanston, Illinois, Seminary Properties and Management, Ltd., is a family-owned private property manager with rental properties across prime neighborhoods in Chicago. Seminary Properties and Management, Ltd., has a long history of hands-on property management and exemplary customer service.

Property managers do their jobs well if there is synergy between them and the tenants. That means tenants have a part to play in management as well. For example, as a tenant, you should read all the terms stipulated in the tenancy agreement and abide by them throughout your tenancy. You should also maintain your apartment, keeping it in as good a condition as you found it.

Outside your apartment, ensure common areas are in good condition and if there is a potential hazard in the building, inform management promptly. If the building’s entrance has lock provisions, lock the doors when you go in and out of the building to maintain security. Furthermore, try to be considerate to your neighbors by acting responsibly throughout your residency. You should also your visitors to the same standards.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Chicago’s Albany Park Neighborhood Offers Diversity and Innovation

Cloud Gate "The Bean", Chicago

A respected fixture in Chicago’s residential retail scene, Seminary Properties and Management, Ltd. provides housing in several parts of the city’s north side. Some of Seminary Properties and Management’s popular rentals are found in the Albany Park neighborhood.

Located along Lawrence Avenue west of the North Branch of the Chicago River, Albany Park is known for affordable housing and ease of public transportation. Many of the current residents immigrated from Latin America and Asia beginning in the 1970s.

Although much of the city remains voluntarily divided, Albany Park is an exception. One reason is the presence of businesses from many cultures, often run by successive generations of the same families. Its variety of ethnic restaurants also sometimes attract diners from other states.

The city has just begun construction of a new elevated path that will span Albany Park and three other areas. Covering some 1,000 feet, 312 RiverRun will allow cyclists, walkers, and runners to travel safely above street traffic. Its route is longer than any other city pedestrian bridge, and will be lit and protected for year-round enjoyment.